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the icky word Exercise March 10, 2010

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My hubby has been doing this workout, not sure it has a name, but he does pull-ups, squats and push-ups.  On the off nights he is doing the 100 push-up workout.  I am telling you, I am really enjoying it, he is getting muscles where I didn’t know there were muscles.  But that also has inspired me to workout too.  I think I made a poor first choice though.  Now, just so you understand, I don’t work out.  I did, before the winter, walk, but that was the extent of my workout.

I love The Biggest Loser, so I thought let’s try one of their workouts… The 30-Day Shred is not something you should do if you are not in some kind of shape!  To be honest, I cried when I was about half way through the first time and had to stop, it was like the first workout at the camp and I was the lady falling off the treadmill crying and saying “I can’t do this!!”  Yes I have a picture to prove it and no I will not post it!

Being a bit stubborn when I need to be, I decided I was not going to let this kill me, so now a little more than a month later I am still working out!  Now I think it is not quite as bad as that first time and thinking even of starting a different workout on my off days… hubby thinks it should be the Flirty Girl workout, I was thinking a nice yoga.


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Hubby Says:

The workout I am doing is called Simple Fit — http://www.simplefit.org/ and it is simple, but not easy.

Oh, and I have a copy of that picture also, but I’m saving it for when I really need it 🙂

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